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Anne-Michèle is an editor at That’s Historic!, where she edits soon-to-be published essays. Anne is currently studying Public Affairs and Policy Management at Carleton University. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, music and lattes.



Chloe is a third year History student at Carleton with two minors in Religion and Art History.
She spends most of her time at work in the library or admiring her framed picture of the Coronation of Napoleon above her desk at home. She loves all history from 1700 onward but enjoys studying the American Revolution, the French Revolution and Antebellum America the most. She is excited to be a volunteer editor for That’s Historic!



Jaqueline is a 2nd year History and Political Science Student from Calgary, Alberta. Her main area of interest is historic criminal and medical cases; the true wonders of human progress (or lack thereof). Outside of contemplating these human experiences she can be caught writing, nose deep in a fantasy/sci-fi novel, or acting on and off the stage.

Prairie Painting


Kalila is a fourth year History and Political Science double major. She is always interested in colonial histories but is especially swayed by questions and repercussions of American empire post-Spanish-American War (1898) and the US acquisition of islands. She is interested in questions of race and its intersections that function within frameworks like CRT, as well as theory and histories of people of mixed race.
Fun Facts: She thinks the southern United States is incredibly fascinating, lives for true crime podcasts (but can’t watch scary movies) and dislikes positivism.

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Volunteer Editors

With the help of our dedicated volunteer editors this journal is able to accomplish our mission of sharing student works. As undergraduate students coming from a wide range of different programs, they each bring individual expertise and keen eyes to the team. We cannot thank them enough!

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