Mattea Chadwick

MEMS Knight of the Bountiful Table (VP Social)

Mattea Chadwick is a fourth year undergraduate history major. Born in Wales, but a student of life in Belgium, she is an avid traveler, learner of all things, and writer of words, strung together in such a way that would bring a tear to thine eye. . .

MEMS at the 2017 orientation day clubs expo
Mattea Chadwick

Shamus McCoy

MEMS Master of Coin (Treasurer)

Shamus is in his third year as a student of Greek and Roman studies, with minors in Archaeology and Medieval and Early Modern Studies. While he spends much of his time over a good Latin or Greek text, he also enjoys studies in social history of the Late Classical and Early Medieval world. Shamus is in his second year as a member of the MEMS executive, and is part of the Carleton University Classics Society executive as well.

Shamus McCoy

Kate Brasseur

HUgS Exectutive: VP Social

Kaiserin von MEMSia (President of MEMS)

Kate is a History student and Medieval cataloguer-at-large. As an aspiring medievalist she explores such tremendous topics as the amazing architecture, mesmerizing manuscripts, loving literature, and fantastic food of the Middle Ages. You can catch her at the upcoming HUgS and MEMS meet-ups!

Kate Brasseur
Kate showing off the trivia wheel at the 2017 clubs expo

Ross Zimmermann

HUgS Executive: Duke of Design

Ross Zimmermann is a 4th year history and Design student from Regina, Saskatchewan. Specializing in design, and German 19th and 20th century history, he studies the relationship between design movements and greater social and historical trends. He is also heavily involved in improv, and is an executive member of the Carleton Improv Association. His favourite historian is Roderick Phillips, and he can clap reaaaal fast. Say hi to him in the halls, he’s lonely from studying chairs all day.

Liv Richmond

HUgS Executive: VP Communications

Liv is in her third year of History studies, and this is her second year as a HUgS executive. She spends much of her time reading great works such as: Plato’s Republic, Hobbes’ Leviathan, and the classic “See Spot Run.” When Liv isn’t working on her reprisal of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, you can find her jauntily catching butterflies in the quad.

HUgS-Executive in the Underhill Library
Liv Shows off her HUgS Baseball Shirt

Paul Sjoberg

HUgS Co-President & Treasurer

Paul is a fourth year undergraduate student, Co-President and overseer of boring financial matters: resident Swede, American, Pole, Political Science major, European and Russian Studies Minor, speaker of moderately good German, lover of all Historical subjects equally, eater of many a jar of pickled herring, and Canadian Government employee of the HUgS Executive team.

HUgS Executives speak at the 2017 Undergraduate Colloquium

Maximilian Stewart-Hawley Cronkite

HUgS Co-President

MEMS Count of Communications (VP Communications)

Max has been the co-president of the History Undergraduate Society since 2016 and continues to be in the 2017/2018 year. He is currently in his fourth year of undergraduate studies. Aside from Max’s History major he also has a minor in Greek and Roman studies, as well as Medieval and Early Modern Studies. He loves to talk history, especially contemplating the true causes of the Western Roman Empire’s downfall (It was aliens).

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